Deep Carbon: Past to Present

I was fortunate to contribute the illustration for the cover of Deep Carbon: Past to Present published by Cambridge University Press. The book compiles 10 years of research by the greater Deep Carbon Observatory science community—summarizing the quantities, movements, forms, and origins of carbon in Earth through deep time.

The illustration on the cover is a simplified version of the figure I created to accompany a 2015 paper by Kelemen and Manning, depicting the quantities and movement of carbon through deep Earth. The design of the cover was handled by the publisher.

I also contributed a suite of figures for various chapters, some of which can be found here.

Tabletop photo by David Keith.

Next Project

Surviving a Large Science Conference

My colleague Katie Pratt and I blogged for European Association of Geochemistry during the week of Goldschmidt 2019 in Barcelona. During that time I was lucky enough to convince Donato Giovannelli (University of Naples, Italy) and Jill McDermott (Lehigh University, USA) to pose for me for a science conference "survival guide."