Earth in Five Reactions

Earth in Five Reactions

This figure depicts the five reactions (orange) that DCO scientists determined were essential to life on Earth. The figure was used in a special issue of American Mineralogist and on postcards.

Earth in Five Reactions, a project sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, called on Earth scientists from around the world to identify the five reactions that make Earth habitable.

Earth in Five Reactions Postcard
This postcard was aimed at scientists.
Earth in Five Reactions Engagement Postcard
This postcard design took a general interest approach to the same problem.
Earth in Five Reactions Engagement Postcard Back
Back of the postcard.

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Reservoirs and fluxes of carbon in deep Earth

The Deep Carbon Observatory needed an image to put the science featured in their 2019 decadal report into context. I created this graphic with the help of Dr. Marie Edmonds, Professor of Volcanology and Petrology at the University of Cambridge.