I’m an independent designer and illustrator specializing in brand identity, editorial design, and narratives. I enjoy every aspect of a project, from concept to execution, especially the process of simplifying complex problems. I’m passionate about the natural world and always looking for opportunities at the intersection of science and design.



  • 2000–2020  Freelance Designer and Illustrator
  • 2013–2019  Designer, Deep Carbon Observatory
  • 2009–2013  Senior Art Director, Duffy & Shanley

Clients and Collaborators

  • Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Deep Carbon Observatory
  • Metcalf Institute
  • Menden Deuer Lab
  • Literacy Volunteers of America
  • Matt Wei Lab
  • Coastal Institute


  • Nature
  • Elements
  • W. W. Norton & Company
  • Cambridge Univesity Press
  • Frontiers