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Viking Landers

The Bird and the Radio

2014 This collection represents The Bird And The Radio’s third full-length release, and the first attempt at a concept album. Inspired by the thought of discovering and updating a cache of lost music by a fictitious, unknown songwriter from the early 20th century named Earl Len Jones, it ended up being mostly just a collection of songs from 2013-2014. All words, music, and production by The Bird And The Radio.

2011 Mistaken For Planes is an EP about giving up on troubled love. Giving up on the night. Trying harder to bring meaning to what's been given up. Or something like that.

Last Ditch Sunday Afternoon

2010 A set of recordings that span the seasons and hit upon the classic universal musical themes: HP Lovecraft in the local drinking water, being Swedish, OCD lawn droids, and LSD poisoning in France.

1.The Wrong Guy 02:46
2. Last Ditch Sunday Afternoon 03:03
3. If You Only Knew 01:03
4. Set A Pen To Apparitions (Life of Rain) 03:31
5. Plourde 01:57
6. Lawn Nazis 01:30
7. Hey There Mr. Peterson 01:43
8. Le Pain Maudit 02:38
9. If You're Swedish 01:41
10. You'd Gone Missing 02:24
11. Snake House 02:21
12. You Catch It In Pans (2010) 03:52
13. Mayfly 02:00
14. My Love Is A Timebomb 03:17
15. Threats (From A Note Found On Canal Street) 04:15

You Come Undone

2010 "A friend of mine, an advertising schmuck, told me to check this out. I was a little bit scared when I heard the music, like it was some kind of cult-shit, like the stuff they play when they kill chickens. But I got used to it and now i kind of like it." - Kim From Arctic. Remixes.

1. You Come Undone (IOS Remix) 02:36
2. You Come Undone (Shitcan Noisebelt Remix) 01:36
3. You Come Undone 02:32

The Bird And The Radio

2010 Demos, experiments and sketches from 2007-2009. The Bird and The Radio is the late-night attic recording project of J Blake Wood based in Cranston - the Paris of RI. Most of the instruments used in the recordings are acoustic and include mandolin, guitar, snare drum, recorder, accordion, tambourine, violin, rebab, and others.

1. Nothing Hits The Spot 03:30
2. Matters of Consequence 01:59
3. Drag On 03:47
4. It's a Strain To Make You Laugh 03:48
5. Laying Me Down 03:03
6. Goodbye, We Don't Need This 02:22
7. Get Your Fingers Out Of The Pie 02:38
8. Air of Distraction 01:28
9. Take The Deer Down Off Your Car 01:06
10. Down Watch Hill 01:40
11. Put Out On The Water 02:42
12. The Dumbest Song In The World 00:58
13. Eyes As Owls 01:36
14. We Slip Through The Grass 02:26
15. The Island Song 02:02
16. Cloudy Marmalade 00:41
17. You Come Undone 02:32
18. I Want To Be Your Paperboy (2010) 02:24
19. Hold On Tight To Your Balloon 03:19
20. Little Ghost Person 02:36
21. Go Away 02:17
22. Slow Night On Eddy Street 04:59
23. Keep Your Teeth White 00:58

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