Synthesizing Science Webinar Design

I designed a brand look for a series of science webinars. The series, called Synthesizing Science, featured scientists sharing stories about pushing the boundaries in their respective areas of research. I took the opportunity to design a fresh look for the campaign.

I introduced a pattern of wavy lines to tie the designs together and to represent the “synthesis” that was a common thread in all the talks. The pattern is derived from Julian Stanczak’s 1965 op art piece called ‘Provocative Current.”

Synthesizing science webinar series

The introduction of collage to the design work was well-suited to the webinars, which covered disparate types of science including field work, modeling, visualization, and novel approached to Earth science thinking.

I constrained the palette in the individual webinar promotional graphics to reign in the colors from the broad range of image sources and to add some emphasis to key elements.

This is the first conceptual sketch which I later simplified.

The graphics were used on social media, event pages, and on the Deep Carbon Observatory website.

The “Provocative Current” pattern is sourced from a photo by C-Monster.