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Earth in Five Reactions

Earth in Five Reactions (E5R), a project sponsored by the Sloan Foundation, called on Earth scientists from around the world to identify the five reactions that make Earth habitable. While the culmination of the exercise was a special issue of the journal Elements, public engagement played an important role in trying to explain the importance … Continue reading Earth in Five Reactions

DCO Community Logos

A series of logo sketches for the four Deep Carbon Observatory science communities. I went with other versions, but these looked kinda nice as a group.

2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

In 2017, the Coastal Institute’s Scott Nixon Lecture featured Dr. Susan Lozier. Dr. Lozier discussed her most recent work on the global ocean conveyor belt—a system of deep-ocean circulation that moves water around the globe. The title of her lecture was “A 21st Century Look at the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt.” The ocean conveyor belt has … Continue reading 2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

Carnegie Science: Expedition Earth

Carnegie Institution for Science commissioned a brand look and a logo for their Expedition Earth lecture series. With a wider public appeal and an immersive format, the series required a fresh promotional toolkit. Layered files were delivered to enable Carnegie’s marketing team to build proportional materials for use in presentations, ads, posters, and social media.


The Guild of Bases is a fictitious 10-team, stats-driven baseball simulation that I started in 1986. From top to bottom: Logos for The Guild of Bases, The Bangor Lumber Barons, The Worcester Tornado. The word logo of course comes from the Greek word “logos,” meaning “looks good on a dark gray crew neck t-shirt.”

The Carbon Mineral Challenge

Scientist Robert Hazen and his colleagues pioneered the concept of mineral evolution, an explanation of how life and geology intertwined throughout Earth’s long history. Using the same analytical methods traditionally used by biologists, their results indicated the existence of carbon-based minerals on Earth that mineralogist have not yet found. The Carbon Mineral Challenge was launched in an effort … Continue reading The Carbon Mineral Challenge

Super Associates

Front and back of the Super Associates business card.

Isle Brewers Guild

A group of investors is launching a cooperative brewery in Pawtucket, RI. The facility will enable micro brewers to expand their distribution and offer beer-lovers a chance to sample an array of unique Rhode Island beer. Isle Brewers Guild needed a corporate logo package to attract additional investors.     The next photos via The … Continue reading Isle Brewers Guild

The Cheese Plate

The Cheese Plate, a small sit-down eatery specializing in fine dairy products and wine, needed some signs and ephemera to complete their eclectic brand. I created a logo for them, as well as the “Hungry Tyrollean,” an illustrated figure that adorned walls and menus.                         Menu … Continue reading The Cheese Plate


Andera, a banking technology company, needed a new brand. We created a brand guide, a website, and sales templates that were as far away from banking tech as possible. The interior photo is from Analogue Studio, who carried the brand through the interior design of Andera’s headquarters. I was asked to design two murals for … Continue reading Andera