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Earth in Five Reactions

Earth in Five Reactions (E5R), a project sponsored by the Sloan Foundation, called on Earth scientists from around the world to identify the five reactions that make Earth habitable. While the culmination of the exercise was a special issue of the journal Elements, public engagement played an important role in trying to explain the importance … Continue reading Earth in Five Reactions

Mt. Etna Workshop Logo

The Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop at Mt. Etna needed a logo. The scientists were disappointed that the volcanic plume above the image of Etna was not true to life.

Chowder and Marching Marcher

  Chowder and Marching, URI Graduate School of Oceanography’s student group, needed a logo and an icon to put on sendables, social media accounts and schwag. The feedback I got on the first Marcher was that it was too creepy. I thought the creepiness was actually one of its strong points, but being sensitive to … Continue reading Chowder and Marching Marcher

Isle Brewers Guild

A group of investors is launching a cooperative brewery in Pawtucket, RI. The facility will enable micro brewers to expand their distribution and offer beer-lovers a chance to sample an array of unique Rhode Island beer. Isle Brewers Guild needed a corporate logo package to attract additional investors.     The next photos via The … Continue reading Isle Brewers Guild

The D&S Royal Academy of Clown Sciences

An accordion-armed softball team. And a scary clown.