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This was essentially a no-budget video featuring Robert Hazen that was shot on a basic digital camera. Jared Balogh’s music made a huge difference in the final edit. Deep Carbon Observatory. Concept, Camera, Editing. I felt the final version of this video needed to be tighter, so I revisited the edit. Staples: “Staples Has Everything.” … Continue reading Videos

Taste of Nature

Web Designs

I got to work with the talented Todd Bartel on this RI Tourism project. The Massachusetts-based sculptor created the boxes that served as the theme for these web designs. The boxes were photographed, and the images were sliced and animated to make them interactive. Drawers could be opened, photo albums browsed, ephemera discovered. These four … Continue reading Web Designs

Sedentarialists: Your Next Door Neighbor is Getting High

This was part of a mock campaign by a fictitious group called the Sedentarialists, also known as the Anti-Movement. They were protesting the opening of a local running store where running addicts would get their shoes in order to get high on endorphins. The campaign also included protests at races, a web site, printable stickers, … Continue reading Sedentarialists: Your Next Door Neighbor is Getting High