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Carnegie Science Expedition Earth Posters

Volcano Outgassing Poster

This volcano CO2 outgassing poster is based on data from the Deep Carbon Observatory’s Carbon in Earth volume. Detail

Deep Carbon Infographics

I designed this poster to accompany a media release for the Deep Carbon Observatory. It’s important to note that no scientists would sign off on the deep carbon estimates in the poster and therefor it was never formally distributed. Current deep carbon estimates very greatly between scientists, so I’ll update the poster in 2019 when … Continue reading Deep Carbon Infographics

Sedentarialists: Your Next Door Neighbor is Getting High

This was part of a mock campaign by a fictitious group called the Sedentarialists, also known as the Anti-Movement. They were protesting the opening of a local running store where running addicts would get their shoes in order to get high on endorphins. The campaign also included protests at races, a web site, printable stickers, … Continue reading Sedentarialists: Your Next Door Neighbor is Getting High

Gary & Greg

A tour poster depicting sports talk hosts as rock stars.