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Earth in Five Reactions

Earth in Five Reactions (E5R), a project sponsored by the Sloan Foundation, called on Earth scientists from around the world to identify the five reactions that make Earth habitable. While the culmination of the exercise was a special issue of the journal Elements, public engagement played an important role in trying to explain the importance … Continue reading Earth in Five Reactions

John Knauss Tribute

This issue of Aboard GSO was a tribute to John Knauss and required a timeline to cover decades of his experiences and milestones. John Knauss was an influential figure in oceanography both at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography and around the world. The red bow tie, a signature of Knauss, was … Continue reading John Knauss Tribute

2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

In 2017, the Coastal Institute’s Scott Nixon Lecture featured Dr. Susan Lozier. Dr. Lozier discussed her most recent work on the global ocean conveyor belt—a system of deep-ocean circulation that moves water around the globe. The title of her lecture was “A 21st Century Look at the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt.” The ocean conveyor belt has … Continue reading 2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

Hot Dog

This delicious hot dog is a silkscreen edition of 47. The image is derived from a photo taken at a carnival in Cranston. RI. A few prints are still available, so contact me if you’re interested in hanging America’s favorite foodstuff in your living room.