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Origins of Biotic and Abiotic Methane

DCO Community Logos

A series of logo sketches for the four Deep Carbon Observatory science communities. I went with other versions, but these looked kinda nice as a group.

Volcano Madness

2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

In 2017, the Coastal Institute’s Scott Nixon Lecture featured Dr. Susan Lozier. Dr. Lozier discussed her most recent work on the global ocean conveyor belt—a system of deep-ocean circulation that moves water around the globe. The title of her lecture was “A 21st Century Look at the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt.” The ocean conveyor belt has … Continue reading 2017 Scott Nixon Lecture

Carnegie Science Expedition Earth Posters

Carnegie Science: Expedition Earth

Carnegie Institution for Science commissioned a brand look and a logo for their Expedition Earth lecture series. With a wider public appeal and an immersive format, the series required a fresh promotional toolkit. Layered files were delivered to enable Carnegie’s marketing team to build proportional materials for use in presentations, ads, posters, and social media.

T-Limit Cruise Maps and Diagrams

The Carbon Mineral Challenge

Scientist Robert Hazen and his colleagues pioneered the concept of mineral evolution, an explanation of how life and geology intertwined throughout Earth’s long history. Using the same analytical methods traditionally used by biologists, their results indicated the existence of carbon-based minerals on Earth that mineralogist have not yet found. The Carbon Mineral Challenge was launched in an effort … Continue reading The Carbon Mineral Challenge

Mt. Etna Workshop Logo

The Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop at Mt. Etna needed a logo. The scientists were disappointed that the volcanic plume above the image of Etna was not true to life.

Volcano Outgassing Poster

This volcano CO2 outgassing poster is based on data from the Deep Carbon Observatory’s Carbon in Earth volume. Detail