DC2019 Event Branding

Deep Carbon Observatory

“Deep Carbon 2019: Launching the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science” was an international science conference marking the conclusion of the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO). The conference was a celebration of the discoveries made by the greater DCO science community over the past decade, while also reporting on the new directions of deep carbon science research in 2020 and beyond.

I created a design system for the event with these objectives in mind:

  • to introduce continuity across all mediums
  • to reflect the sense of excitement of the conference
  • to ensure that the design was simple, abstract, symbolic, and flexible enough to lend itself to multiple uses

It was crucial that the new elements fit comfortably within the DCO brand guidelines that were already familiar to the participants at the meeting. After some exploration, the best candidate was a concept called “circles.” The simple concentric circles could be interpreted in multiple ways: layers of Earth, the structure of an atom, or the orbits of celestial bodies.

By introducing colors, the motif could be assigned to each of the four Deep Carbon Observatory communities.

To increase the flexibility of the design, I created multiple crops of the motif to allow for a variety of aspect ratios.

Once the design was approved by the event planning committee, the next step was to adapt the design to work across multiple mediums.

Deep Carbon 2019
I adapted the design for the outside of the folders and programs.
Name badges with the motif were distributed at the registration desk at the National Academy of Sciences on Constitution Avenue.
I created 10 button designs for each research community, research category, and one with the DCO logo mark—pictured below.
A slide template was distributed in advance to the presenters. Pictured here is Dr. Robert Hazen’s welcome message.

All event photos by David Keith.