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Scientist Robert Hazen and his colleagues pioneered the concept of mineral evolution, an explanation of how life and geology intertwined throughout Earth’s long history. Using the same analytical methods traditionally used by biologists, their results indicated the existence of carbon-based minerals on Earth that mineralogist have not yet found. The Carbon Mineral Challenge was launched in an effort to mobilize collectors, amateur mineralogists, and scientists to find these “missing” minerals.

Carbon Mineral Challenge IconsThe first-of-its-kind rock hunt needed a name, an identity, and a website. I had the honor of working on all three of those things. Originally we had suggested a more enigmatic name, but in the end, the novel nature of the contest made it clear that a more pragmatic title was necessary.

In keeping with the worldwide nature of the Challenge, maps and map pins made a logical starting point for logos and icons.

Carbon Mineral Challenge Infographic The grassroots marketing of the program required the creation of some promotional products, including a mineral collector’s notebook and a postcard with facts and an infographic. The notebook included custom scales, tables, and rulers to assist collectors in making notes in the field. Other items included lapel pins, die-cut stickers, and a video created in partnership with Smithsonian Digital Media.

Carbon Mineral Challenge pencils Photo via @deepcarb.

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Mineral Challenge Website

The Carbon Mineral Challenge needed a website to explain and promote the project, link to the research, and most importantly, compile the latest carbon mineral discoveries.