Deep Earth Haiku

Earth in Five Reactions/Deep Carbon Observatory

One of the goals of the Earth in Five Reactions project was to create engagement products focused on Earth's key reactions. An example of one of those products was a mini website called Deep Earth Haiku. Visitors can view random haiku, submit their own poetic odes to Earth, and share the results.

deep earth haiku

The poems are randomly loaded from a json file and formatted over a simple background of one of 15 pre-designed gradients. Each poem is assigned an ID to enable poets and visitors to share favorites.

Deep Earth Haiku
A deep Earth haiku submitted by Susannah Dorfman.

For simplicity’s sake, the haiku submission form utilizes a third-party form system.

The verbose “About” page.

A selection of these poems was featured at the Deep Carbon 2019 conference in Washington, DC.