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The Bird and The Radio

1Josh Wood of The Bird And The RadioThe Bird And The Radio is the late-night attic recording project of J Blake Wood based in Cranston, Rhode Island. The pop songs - which draw from such topics as HP Lovecraft in the local drinking water, being Swedish, OCD lawn droids, and LSD poisoning in France - are written on mostly non-digital instruments. Those instruments include a snare drum, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, recorders, mandolin, banjo, rebab, and various percussive items. Some digital ingredients are thrown in for good measure.

Viking Landers

2Another solo project. This one started in 2012.

Le Remixes, Cövers

3 This page includes older posts by The Bird And The Radio and remixes and cover songs, including some covers of Nirvana. Smells like teen something.

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